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buy a real coolen painting

Do you want to buy a painting? Please use the contact form below. Clearly state the title and description of the particular artwork. You will then receive the price of the painting by email.

All paintings are original and handmade. Each painting consists of only one copy, so you always have a unique piece of art. If an artwork is no longer available, it is mentioned on the page of the artwork in question. The paintings have a matching frame and are ready to hang out. The 3D canvases, these are paintings over 2.5 cm deep, have no frame but are provided with a suspension system.



The shipping costs depends on the shipping address of the buyer, the weight and the dimensions of the artwork. The shipping costs include packaging costs and the insurance costs of the sales value of the artwork in case of damage or loss. Worldwide shipping with the necessary export and customs papers is also possible. It is also possible to make an appointment to collect the artwork at my art studio.


about modern artist pierre marie

Kunstschilder Pierre Marie Coolen

I was born in Maastricht in The Netherlands as the oldest son of a working-class family. As a child I was already affected with drawing and painting. I started with oil paintings and pen drawings. The more and more I developed as a painter, I was increasingly focusing on mixed media paintings and abstract art.

I studied secondary education and drawing and painting education in Maastricht. As a young man I traveled throughout Europe. During my travels I have followed various drawing and painting workshops in the Czech Republic (Prague and Klatovy) and France (Arles and Paris).


During my travels, my love arose for minimal art and modern paintings. It reflects my way of life.

the painting style of Pierre marie

As an art painter, I am specialized in minimal art and modern paintings. My painting style is characterized by minimalism in color, texture and texture. The focus is on textures and abstract colors. The compositions are based on traditional media and techniques, such as canvas, paper, board and mixed media. The paintings are painted with acrylic paint.

I get my inspiration from everyday things and the nature around me. Discrete colors, surface structures and textures of the environment and nature inspires me to create abstract paintings and contemporary art.

What inspired my work the most is the harmonious colors of the works of modern artist Rothko and the minimal art of art painter Ryman and Rauschenberg (white paintings).

In times of overload of visual impressions, I take the viewer on a journey of exploration in modern art. I stimulate the viewer's senses by using color, texture, cracks, textures and materials that are reflected in minimal art.

Pierre Marie coolen

Modern artist specialised in minimal art and modern paintings


Pierre Marie Coolen

Mercuriusstraat 7, 6133 WK Sittard, The Netherlands  |  Tel: +31 (0)6 134 609 17

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